Although complaints are rare, it is inevitable that at some time you will receive one. Anything concerning our Membership is dealt with by the appropriate body, who can consider both sides of a problem and, it is hoped, resolve any difficulties to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. Further advice on complaints can be found within this book.

Happily, we can report that complaints are very few in comparison to the number of visitors who stay in our Members’ establishments, and we are sure that this reflects the caring attitude by much of our Members towards their guests.

Those premises which are not in Membership will have any complaint dealt with direct by a representative from the Council; as will small number of premises which have unfortunately had to be expelled from Membership due to be unwilling or unable to maintain the required minimum standard as set out in the Quality in Tourism Standards of Enjoy England and AA.

Of those complaints that are reported to us, many may have been avoided by tactful attention to problems on the spot; but others arise either through neglecting to maintain standards, or by giving inaccurate details of the accommodation available.

Copies of the required minimum standards can be obtained from the Office/Website. Minimum Standards