Minimum Standards

The change from the Scarborough Hotels Association to the Scarborough Hospitality Association became effective from 1st April 2003.

This change enabled the recruitment of new Members from the wider hospitality industry in Scarborough such as camping and caravan parks, cafes and restaurants as well as all types of tourist attractions.

The minimum standards set out by Enjoy England and the AA in their Quality Standards in Tourism were adopted by the previous Hotels Association are now the basis for the minimum standards for hotel, guest house, bed & breakfast and self-catering establishments of the Scarborough Hospitality Association.

The minimum standards as set out by Enjoy England and the AA are also adopted by Scarborough Hospitality Association in respect of the minimum standards for caravan and camping parks.

The minimum standards required for hotel, guest house, bed & breakfast establishments providing food along with cafes and restaurants will be those as set out by the Food Standards Agency and operated in partnership with Scarborough Borough Council. The scheme known as ‘Scores on the Doors’ will be the governing factor and a score of ‘3’ will be the lowest score allowed for Membership to Scarborough Hospitality Association.

All Establishment Members must comply with the minimum standards detailed above. This must be confirmed by either Membership of the quality assurance schemes of the AA or Enjoy England, Welcome to Yorkshire’s Y Quality Charter or by an independent annual inspection by an SHA appointed or approved inspector at an annual fee. Additionally, for hotel, guest house, bed & breakfast establishments providing food and in the case of restaurants and cafes, the Food Standards Agency operated in partnership with Scarborough Borough Council.

Statutory Obligations

The following is a list relating, but not limited, to your statutory obligations:


•  Health & Safety at work
•  Fire, gas & electrical safety
•  Electrical appliance testing

Produce safety

British standards applying to such items such as cots, high chairs, and play pens.


•  Data protection
•  Immigration hotel records
•  Consumer protection


•  Planning permission
•  Private water supplies
•  Housing
•  TV licensing

Trade Description

•  Advertising
•  Pricing
•  Unfair contract terms


•  Sex discrimination
•  Race discrimination
•  Disability discrimination


It is a condition of your Membership of Scarborough Hospitality Association that you have Public Liability Cover and is being maintained. Proprietors will be required to provide a signed confirmation as part of your Membership application and renewal and that the requirements of the above list of Statutory Obligations are being fulfilled.

For the avoidance of doubt Scarborough Hospitality Association accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any individual Members Public Liability Cover or the breach of any Statutory Obligations by and individual Member.